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Microfiction: The Mysterious Noise

  Among the Shadows of Night. Source: Flickr .     The Noise      Taylor's  parents left one morning for a business trip and left her alone to be responsible for her younger brother, Tyler. He behaved for the most part but occasionally was up to no good. After the sun had set, she made her brother some dinner and sent him to his room to play video games while she watched tv in the living room. She heard a loud smash but wasn't sure of the source of the sound. She called out to Tyler, but there was no response. She began walking to his room and felt a hand grab her leg.     The Culprit      Trembling with fear, Taylor quickly turned around. Tyler stood behind her with a smirk on his face. "Boo! I got you good," he shouted. Author's Note: I decided to make up a story that relates to my childhood. My parents would often leave me at home to watch my younger siblings when they went out of town or on a date night. Many times I would put them to bed and then return to th

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