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Life of a Puppy. Source: Golden Hearts.

Here is a link to my storybook!


  1. Hi Landon!
    I absolutely love the theme and storyline you're going for in your storybook – golden retrievers have my heart and without-a-doubt are the cutest dogs out there, hands down. The background you have in your introduction I think was really good for setting up the stories you will be writing about. I'm curious to see as to which stories from the class readings these little tales from a puppy's perspective will come from and be shaped into! It kind of makes me sad how you talk about how the puppy wanted freedom so it decided to leave, yet now it regrets leaving and is going to tell us all lessons learned and why they should not leave their homes. I can just tell right now that your stories will be ones leaning into the "life lessons" category. Best of luck with your stories and with the remainder of the semester – I'll definitely be coming back to read your storybook!

  2. Hi Landon!
    I love that your story book is about a dogs journey. I thought about doing my story book about dogs as well but I went with ghost stories instead so I am glad I found someone who is doing a story about a dog! Your introduction did a great job describing what your project would be about and how you are going to go about it. I like that the dog is the narrator. It is a cool concept that he will be teaching a class to other dogs and helping the puppies. I am excited to see where Howie is going to end up and if he is going to get into any trouble on the way. Will Tom miss Howie? Will Howie miss Tom? What are Howie's owners going to do? I am invested in this story book now. Great work so far, I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Hey Landon,
    As a dog lover myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see your storybook out of the list! As a kid, I would always read stories similar to this and I remembered always loving them! I really enjoyed hearing this story from the dog's perspective. Concepts that we might think of as normal could be completely different for a dog and I am all for that! I look forward to seeing how you will change our familiar world into something different.
    I am currently taking care of a friend's dog, and sometimes I look at her and wonder what is going on inside her head. When she barks out the window at passing dogs, what is she saying? Maybe your stories can give me some insight on that! Best of luck with your storybook and I look forward to reading more!

  4. Hi Landon,
    I love dogs and love how that is your theme for your storybook! The pictures you have chosen for your storybook are adorable and draw in the reader. I really love how you made the introduction as the dog introducing himself and the class he is having on his adventures. It really sets up how you are going to potentially tell the stories to the puppies. I am curious to see what stories you are going to be telling and how you will change them to a dog's point-of-view. I have never really thought about what it would be like to see a story from a dog's point of view-of-view so I cannot wait to read your future stories. My curiosity has me wondering if his family tries to find him? What was the argument that he had with Tom? How long does he stay away from them? Does he find himself back home by himself or is he found by his family?

  5. Hi Landon!
    What a great topic! I am a huge dog lover, so I am really excited to read your stories. Howie sounds awfully wise! I always imagine Golden Retriever as wise dogs.
    After reading your introduction, I am really excited about the point of view of your stories. I love that you gave Howie a personality and really personified the dogs! Are you going to include the story of how Howie made it back home? You should consider making this the last story so your complete story has a Homeward Bound feel, I always loved that movie!
    Where are the puppies that he's speaking to coming from? Does he host these story tellings in his neighborhood? I am not sure if this would be relevant, but it is something to think about!
    What part of mythology and folklore did you get this idea from? This might be something to include so it all ties back to class.
    I am really excited to read all about Howie's adventures, and am glad that he realized there's no place like home by the end of his adventures!

  6. Hi Landon! What caught my eye immediately with your Storybook website were the ADORABLE Golden Retriever puppy pictures on the pages! I love that continuity across pages, and I'd recommend continuing with puppy pictures on new pages that you add (mostly because I would love to see them!). Howie is a great name for a puppy. Was his name inspired by any mythology or legends? Your writing style really conveyed the tone of a dog well, from his shorter attention span to his people-pleasing nature. Will all of the stories be about Howie when he was a puppy, or will he mature eventually? One thing that I would recommend is giving Howie a more defined goal when he leaves home. Maybe he could be looking for something specific? Or seeing if he can get back to Florida (since that seems to be very important to him)? I love how the story is told to a group of younger puppies as a series of lessons--that really put me in the setting!

  7. Hi Landon!
    A Dog's Journey is such a good title and it caught my eye because I love animals. I read your introduction to the storybook and I think it is so cute. Your use of first person point of view for Howie really puts it in perspective of an adorable puppy. I like that you made it as Howie the dog retelling the story of his past to the other puppies which makes it flow. I like that the story flows as well and that the last sentence of the introduction will flow to the next story of the beginning of his journey. Is this based on a true story? Are the characters on the story based on you or your friends? The story itself reminds me of the movie Bolt of a dog's journey and I don't know why. I wonder what will you come up with about the dangers Howie face. Maybe the danger itself are the cars or "beast" in the concrete jungle or like wild animals in Dallas parks. Overall, I think this is a unique story and I can't wait to see what you can come up with!

  8. Hi Landon! I think your storybook is so cute! I love dogs, so I was interested in what this could be about. I really loved reading it, and thought Howie's perspective was really well written. It's reminding me of being little and watching Homeward Bound, which was one of my absolute favorite movies. It really made me love golden retrievers lol. I can't wait to read more from this, and see how Howie's journey goes!

  9. Hi Landon! First, I love your project theme. I am a huge dog lover and so I chose your story to comment on out of all the other one's in this class because it caught my attention! I have to say, I was not disappointed in the slightest. I really liked that this story is told from Howie's perspective. I think this puts the readers actually in the story instead of simply being a bystander because they feel a connection to Howie. I am really curious what other stories will branch from what you have already. What happens along his journey? Does he face danger? Does he meet a female dog and fall in love? Does he make friends along the way? I think there are so many options you can choose from! Also, are these memories that Howie is telling? I could not really tell. Can't wait to read more from you Landon! I wish you the best of luck!

  10. Hello Landon!
    I let out an audible "awwww" when I saw your Home page, lol. I read your Intro and first story, "Howie Embarks on his journey." Golden Retrievers have to be the absolute all-around best dog on planet earth. By far the most photogenic dog, too. Writing in the first person from the standpoint of a Golden Retriever has me reading it in an upbeat, hyperactive, slightly slobbery voice. Kinda giving me some Air Bud flashbacks. How will Howie get home? Is he still homeless? Does he get revenge on Tom? I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from Howie and seeing what the "too good to pass up" opportunity is! Just one quick little tip for aesthetics sake, I've found that hyperlinking just the word "source" cleans up pages/images pretty well.

  11. Hey Landon,
    Loveee the home page picture of the dog. I really like how each page seems like a progression of that same dog. The first one looks like a young puppy, the intro page looks like he's grown up a little bit, and the last one he looks older. The pictures also match the intro and first story as Howie is growing up. I love that small detail of flow. I like how your intro sets up the story as the reader being an observer of a class Howie is teaching. It is a unique and intriguing idea. The style that you are writing with is quite inviting for a reader. It is easy to immerse myself in it by imagining myself in the back of the classroom as Howie tells his stories. I do have a question. Is the reader an animal as well? Or is the reader a human? I am assuming the reader is an animal. It is a small detail but may be worth clarifying since the reader is in the class. I like the adaptation from the original where it was attention that caused Howie to leave instead of food. Great job and I'm excited for what Howie teaches next!

  12. Hi Landon,
    I was excited to read your story based off the title. I love dogs and have had dogs my whole life. I must admit, I was nervous about reading your story. The reason being is that stories about animals always hit me in my soft spot and I wasn't sure if your story was going to make me sad.
    I think the idea of Howie teaching a class to puppies is a great idea. I wonder if they are his puppies. While I was reading your story, I had a feeling Tom was trying to get rid of Howie. Will Tome regret tricking Howie into leaving? Will the family look for him? Will Howie eventually return home? I have so many questions. I am excited to read more of Howie's adventures. I do hope he makes it home, or at least to a family that can give him all the love.

  13. Hi Landon! I read your introduction a few weeks ago and now I am back to read your first story! I really enjoy that your story book is about a dog because I love dogs. It made me sad when I read that Tom did not actually want to be Howie's friend and he just wanted him to leave so he could have all the attention. I really hope that Howie does not get into anymore trouble and he is able to find good shelter soon. I like the idea of how Howie is teaching a class. It keeps the story interesting and it is a unique perspective. Your authors note also does a great job letting the readers know where you got your story from and how you came up with your own. I cannot wait to see what Howie gets himself into next. Keep up the awesome worl!

  14. Hello, Landon. I remember reading a book in elementary school about a dog who went on some kind of journey. I know there's "Call of the Wild," but this book was more domestic and normal. I can't remember if the book I just mentioned is from the perspective of Buck or not. Anyway, I like this perspective. I just read the introduction, so I'm looking forward to seeing which direction this story goes.

    In your second story you have a few typos. Where I think you want naps you have "snaps," I think you're missing an article before "few" in one sentence.

    I knew Tom was up to no good. Cats never are, huh? I've only recently been around cats, so I'm learning to love them, too.

    We're supposed to focus on images this week. I like what you have so far. Maybe you could have another image at the end of your second story to show where Howie is at? The love between him and Tom at the beginning could transition to him being alone in the rain or something.

  15. Hi Landon.

    What a cool idea for a project! Reminds me of the movie "A Dog's Journey" (one of my grandma's favorite movies, she's an animal lover).

    I love that you went with the pet owners have a baby and the dog gets jealous and lonely trope to set up this story of a dog going on a journey. I think it is the perfect backstory/explanation for Howie's adventures. I also like the attachment Howie shows towards Luis despite his slight annoyance that he is taking away attention from him.

    I also love the incorporation of Tom the cat and how much the personalities of Howie and Tom correspond to animal stereotypes. Tom being mischievous trying to get Howie, the loyal pup, to leave with him.

    Your author's note for this first story is super helpful on explaining the link between the original story and your retelling! However, when reading I can't help but think "What are Reece and Lindsey thinking about their dog who ran away!?" Maybe you could add in a little bit from their perspective or something? Unless you're planning on finishing out your storybook with them, which would be a fantastic idea!

  16. Hi Landon!
    I am so excited to revisit your storybook project again! Okay I am only like halfway through the story currently, but I am mad at Tom! I am curious to see if he actually had bad intentions. It was revealed in the next paragraph, how rude of Tom. I wish he had been grateful that they saved him from the street instead of screwing the family's loyal dog over. You do such a great job of making the reader want to see what happens next! Is Howie ever going to return home? I really hope so. Howie is very brave, I am terrified of coyotes, especially for my little dogs as I know they attack dogs frequently. There are a couple typos in the first story. I believe you meant to type naps, but rather it says "snaps". You did a great job! I can't wait to revisit your storybook again to see what happens next!

  17. Hi Landon! I am back once again because I needed to know what happened to Howie next. I really have enjoyed your story book so far because of how interesting you keep it. My favorite part of your project is that you make it so fun. I love that Howie is teaching a class to other pups so that they can avoid the same mistakes as him. I like that you include other animals in your stories as well. I am glad Howie spared the rabbits life because that would have been sad if he would have eaten a rabbit with a family. I almost thought that maybe Jack's owner was going to take Howie in as his new pet but sadly he did not. I really want to know where Howie is going to end up. Do you already have that planned out? I hope he gets a good home and stays out of trouble. I am excited to visit your story book again soon and see what adventure the pup goes on. Good job, keep up the awesome work!

  18. Hi Landon! I am already back again! I noticed that this is your final story on Howie. It saddens me that this is the last story but I understand since the semester is about over for us all. I have really enjoyed reading this story book . It is easy to follow along and it included funny stories of a cute dog. What else could someone want from a story book? I thought it was interesting that Howie ate berries in this story. It is ironic because this morning I was debating if i should give my dog my left over oatmeal that had blueberries in it lol. I loved the ending of your story book! I am so happy that Howie ended up back home. I was really nervous he was going to have to continue to live on his own. It was also hilarious that Tom ran away and never came back. I am so glad your book had a happy ending. Great work and have a nice rest of your semester!

  19. Hi Landon,
    I love the dog pictures! They are so cute, and it makes me feel bad for this poor puppy during his adventures. I like the set up that he is telling a group of puppies about his adventures. Since the focus for this week is on paragraphs, I will tell you my thoughts on those. While I feel like some of them are a little too short, I do not think it detracts from the story much. Personally, I find huge blocks of text to be difficult to read without losing my place, so I prefer shorter paragraphs. That is mostly a personal thing though, so I would say do whatever feels right for the flow of the story. The rivalry with Tom was fun. I have both cats and dogs and while they actually do get along, the two younger pups tend to get a little too playful for the cats’ liking, especially the surly tomcat we socialized when he was a feral kitten.

  20. Landon! Your storybook theme is so fun! I love hearing stories from a dog's perspective because it is so innocent and excitable. They are truly such good beings! I like that you are able to find inspiration from other stories you read in class rather than just writing original content about the dog! I like how you kind of amended it to make it apply to what you were trying to get at with your story. I like how you have fragmented your story through smaller paragraphs so we can see where the dog's mind is going. With the pacing of the story it does help. I will say the formatting is a bit off in the website, I would maybe go back in and check on that with the stories. They just waver a bit to the right and end up kind of having weird spacing a bit! I like all of the dialogue you used in your second story and how you have broken up the text by the quotes. I absolutely loved your use of images and imagery to make the reader understand your point of view! Very well done!


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